"We turn ideas into works of reality"

Everything happens in the house. As they say, the kitchen is not only the heart of your home but also the heart of your family. The essence of designing a home is about people, family, connections, and memories. It is not about what is in fashion or not.

Founder of Sleek Interior Design

Sleek Interior Design's aim is to create the most incredible, pleasant home with the wow factor added to the top. Every property has its own pulse just like us so my mission is to connect your pulse with your property’s.

I believe that the design must be rooted in reality but should not be a standardised process. We are all unique therefore our homes should be too!


"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."

- Rachel Zoe -

What people think about me

I wanted to add my thanks for working so hard to coordinate everything for our beautiful kitchen reno, bumps, and all!  We are just thrilled with the way things have turned out and appreciate how diligent you have been in coming here, shopping for materials and working with the tradespeople.  The kitchen is bright and sophisticated and most importantly, functional! 


Thanks again for making everything happen. You were very responsive and I know you had to babysit many things along the way.  It’s not an easy job dealing with the trades these days. But you rose up to the challenge and We are grateful.