Meet The Designer

The designer behind the dreams

Hi! I am Betty Majsa, the Founder of Sleek Interior Design. I have been working with properties for over 15 years. My career started as a Real Estate Agent where I was involved with lots of property renovations through the purchases of my clients.

Throughout these years working with a variety of residential and commercial spaces alike I obtained an extensive experience working with various styles, and different budgets which ultimately gives me an all-around and multifaceted fit for any project you may have.

I assisted my clients throughout the whole process, including the phase of design, choosing and matching colours, staging the properties to get them ready for the market.

Gradually I have fallen in love with the design part of the whole process more than the real estate deal itself.

Since I started my own design company Sleek Interior Design, my focus is on custom made kitchens, bathroom remodels and custom cabinetry, however I can definitely take you through the whole process of design concerning any part of your home or commercial space.

I absolutely strive to achieve the highest customer satisfaction. The volume and size of the project is irrelevant to me. I handle all project with the same care and professionalism. My ultimate goal is to connect life and style.

Do not hesitate and contact me for your next project!