We all like something, we all have our own tastes, likes and dislikes. In terms of home design the house must be also practical not just beautifully stylish.

Therefore I promise to bring your taste, your authentic style and combine all of this in the most viable way so you will get not only the house of your dreams but a house which is easily liveable and eventually becomes your home.

When it comes to designing and planning your property it is extremely important to focus on space and design the best possible use of it.

The key is to making it user friendly for you and your family. Form and function must become one.


At the beginning of each project I’ll do a consultation with my clients to find out the roots.

This consultation meeting usually takes about 2-3 hours long I’ll ask some various questions about your dreams, goals and your design preferences. My aim here is to find out about you as a person as much as possible and see what design style you like most!

We will cover the areas of layouts, recommendation for furniture, lighting, window treatment, colour schemes flooring and anything necessary we can think of depending on the project itself. I treat every project very unique and special.

If I’ll win your trust and we made for each other I would ask you to sign the Letter of Instruction which would detail all the specifics of the agreed design including hours, material costs, and total investment.

From conceptualization to the final completion, I’ll be in charge for all the details, no matter what is the detail about!

At the end of the whole project we will celebrate and make a toast together for achieving your dreams!!


Interior Design Services

Do you like living in your house but you do not feel yourself at home?

I am here to assist you with my interior design services to create the perfect home for you, where you feel that every little detail has fallen in place. You will feel you found your home there is nowhere like.

This service could be included in the whole renovation project or it can be assigned to me as a separate project if you wish to change the entire or part of the interior of your home.

We would follow the steps described under my consultation process.

I guarantee you will not regret instructing me on turning your house to the vision you always wanted.

I am here to guide you through the incredible world of interior design to find your matches in terms of materials, colours and accessories.

I am here to aspire you! Always remember a house is made of walls and beams but a home is made of love and dreams. That is what you will get at the end of the completion of my interior design services. A HOME you will absolutely love living in!

Decorating Service

Would you like to change things up just for an overall makeover of your home or for a special occasion? Or are you looking to spice things up for the holidays?

Then you need my decoration services!

I can help create the space to best reflect and express yourself and your personality while keeping everything practice and chic. I can provide you with new floor plan layout, rendered designs, material selections. Of course this would also include a total breakdown and budget estimate as well.

I can handle the process of ordering, receiving and coordinating your behalf.

Promising you that you will absolutely fall in love with your new space and finally feel in peace at home!

If you just want a seasonal makeover I can also assist you with that in its all festive entirety.

Please contact me if you think this is what is the next step to achieve your fashionable , revitalised and spiced up dream home!



My E-Design services is perfect for those who require an overall design and vision created for them, however they are planning to do the rest of the project themselves.  It is convenient, contented and budget friendly.

This service is an online service which includes an initial consultation where I will gather all the information needed to bring your space/ spaces to life and give visibility to your dreams.  I normally gather the necessary measurements from you, you send me some photos of the space and further discuss the budget, timelines and exact plans with you. I also include a detailed vision board supporting the design and a computerized 3D rendering of design layout. We choose a colour palette to match your style and select certain products. Sample materials, which include: paint colour(s), millwork finishes, hardware, furniture, tile, wallpaper, moulding, fabrics, etc.

I use the most modern design software to create your desired design for your new beloved space which design of course is a well detailed and scaled illustration.

What you get in this service is a custom design presented as a floorplan, moodboard, or 3D renderings. The package also usually include furniture and decor recommendations. In addition, many services I can include ordering assistance and some even offer discounts on your purchases.

Do not waste any more time in your old space and if you have the desire to run the project yourself contact me for a uniquely fabulous E-DESIGN!