Common Decorating Challenges and Mistakes to Avoid

Everyone owning a home or a residential place will always want it to look good by decorating it. Even though some people consider going through training before carrying out the design operation, others do not. This results in people making uncountable mistakes during the design and decoration processes. In this article, I will take you through some of the common mistakes and challenges people face when decorating their homes that you need to avoid.

Poor Planning

Planning is one of the most important aspects to consider when decorating your house. It makes you think of the materials you will use in your work. You will also understand the challenges you may face during the design process and learn what is wrong with the place to be decorated. Remember, every home or room has challenges in design and decoration. Therefore, when planning, you must properly sketch and collect lists and samples. In addition, you must ensure every item you want to use in the design process perfectly fits your plan.

Inaccurate measurements

This is a mistake that occurs for almost everyone who fears taking measurements. For instance, when you avoid taking the exact measurement, you may approximate the sizes. When you go to the market and buy a material size you think will fit the size of the room you want to decorate by approximation, you will quickly take it home. Upon reaching home to confirm if it fits the room area, you realise it is not the required size. Good decoration focuses more on using elements in the right size, scale, and in good proportion. For this reason, taking the measurement is critical when carrying out any design process you need not avoid.

Adding before Deleting

Due to a lack of patience, some people may find themselves too first to complete the decoration process before it is well done. For instance, if you are beginning the decoration process from scratch, you need not jump into the fun part of it too early. Consider following the process step by step for you to produce an accurate design of the room or home perfectly. You also need to follow the correct protocol where you start with large items first and finish with the smaller ones.

Avoid Overlooking Details

When you are decorating, you will always want the room to look good. However, you need not look into the room too much in the process. This may involve decorating or designing the room to look like it is brought from the store. As wise people say, the devil lies in the detailed outlook, you might end up not achieving your goals by overlooking the process. This may make you more concerned about minor issues such as knobs on drawers or extra cushions on the sofa.

Lack of color

This challenge always ends up making your decoration look boring if you don’t learn how to avoid it. For instance, many homeowners use neutral furnishings, accessories, and walls to create uninteresting spaces. During decoration, adding only a single wall will help you with an ancient color that adds a specific punch to your house or home. Even though the other décor you used is neutral, you need not worry about adding another color to your room, it will assist in adding a punch to the house.


Making a good decoration of your room or home is all about avoiding possible mistakes you may encounter when carrying out the exercise. By reading this article, I hope you have learnt some of the mistakes or challenges you need to avoid when decorating your room.

If you have any questions or you need help to decode your home please feel free to contact me.